Hot-casting polyurethane for
thermoelectric power plants

Polyurethane also proves very useful in thermoelectric power plants that have a desulfurization plant. The latter is equipped with pumps that must withstand the corrosion and abrasion of sulfuric acid and hydrocyclone solutions used to separate the plaster. The system is used to avoid releasing sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere, but rather, to transform it into sulfuric acid and subsequently into calcium sulphate (gypsum).

When, on the other hand, fuel oil is used and work is performed at a higher pH, chemical aggression is less impactful. Within this area, Politec has produced coated pumps, vortexing two-part hydrocyclones and hot-casting polyurethane clapet valves.

In a large thermoelectric power station plant, Politec built pump shells, impellers, wear discs, profiles for conveyor belts, chain guides for biomass systems, flap valves, shutters and air seal gaskets in polyurethane hot-casting.

The clapet valves are counterweighted or guided total closure valves are placed in ash or fine dust filtration systems. The replacement of the special steel clapet valves with those in hot-casting polyurethane decreases the strong abrasion to which they are subjected, ensuring a better seal, durability and superior performance.

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