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Hot-casting polyurethane is such a versatile and resistant polymer that it can be used in any industrial sector. The characteristics of the polyurethane can be established for each casting from time to time, through the choice of the compounds based on the intended use. .

This means that Politec manufactures each product to suit the needs expressed by the customer and the specific function it will perform, giving the polyurethane the ideal properties of hardness, anti-corrosion, anti-vibration or cut resistance.

Furthermore, hot-casting polyurethane allows hot vulcanization on metal parts, with extraordinary adhesion properties and the production of composite products with rubber, plastics and other types of polyurethane.

The products made with the hot casting system are produced with dedicated machines that work at low pressure and are "poured" into molds heated to temperatures of around 100° C.

During the polymerization process, the irreversible transition of the polyurethane occurs from the liquid state to the solid state.

Hot-casting systems exhibit the highest mechanical performance compared to other types of polyurethane and replace tires and many plastics in an excellent manner.

One of the many advantages of hot casting polyurethane is its ability to adapt to any machine or part of it, improving specific and overall performance, in addition to durability.

The experience and know-how of Politec focus on several application sectors, in particular:

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